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Skin care has been the subject of research for the past decade.  As such, the world has experienced a tremendous leap in the progress relating to this field.  There are now numerous Skin Care Tips that can make a difference which can be referenced below:


Radiation induces skin reactions in the treated area, particularly in the axilla, head and neck, perineum and skin fold regions. Formulations with moisturising, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and wound healing properties are often used, but no preferred approach or individual product has been identified as best practice.  Soft silicone dressings that act as barriers to friction may be helpful.  In breast cancer, calendula cream may reduce the severity of radiation effects on the dark spot corrector.  Deodorant use after completing radiation treatment has been controversial but is now recommended for practice

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Apart from the classic treatments for the skin like the use of cosmetics and exfoliation, the use of radiation technology is now a widely used skin care treatment today.  Unlike the usual use of creams, radiation induces a speedy recovery in the treated areas.  It’s good to know that in this skin care approach, it’s necessary to have the area to be treated moisturized to avoid burns and irritation.  The key tip here, however, is the proper moisturization during radiation treatment.  Proper moisturization can ensure  the efficacy of the radiation while ensuring that side effects are reduced to a minimal.  Do take note that the use of common moisturizers won’t have the same effect as using the proper one.

Laser Resurfacing

Fractional laser photothermolysis (FP) is another form of laser resurfacing commonly used now, with several devices on the market. A fractional laser delivers tiny pinpoints of laser light to a part of the skin. Hundreds or thousands of laser pinpoints may be used per square inch, leaving healthy skin between the ablated areas, to allow more rapid healing and lower risks. FP may provide similar results to CO2 laser resurfacing without risk of scarring or significant downtime. Complications observed in a study of 961 treatments included acne and herpes outbreaks and were temporary.  There have been, however, anecdotal negative accounts of bad scarring and hyperpigmentation without any findings of infection.  Erbium and CO2 fractional systems have a better safety profile than lasers of the past.

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The use of lasers with regard to skin care is now a widely accepted approach.  The main reason for this is the immediate results that it can provide.  In as short as a couple of sessions, visible scars and blemishes can immediately be eliminated.  Comparing laser treatment to the traditional use of cosmetics, the ratio is like a month or two of continuous use of cosmetics is equivalent to a single visit at a laser skincare centre.  In order for a laser treatment to make a difference on skin care, the key tip is to know what type of skin care issue you are addressing.  If you are looking to take care of scars, then the right laser type to use is the Er:Yag Laser.  If you are going after facial rejuvenation for a better skin tone, then the Diode Laser is the right one.  For sun damage and age spots, the CO2 Laser is best suited to be used.

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